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Posted this in the other thread, but figured for those of you that don't check it:

Originally Posted by Ryan T. View Post
Just got off the phone with Brian, he was very courteous and anxious to help me out. Given the lack of a police report, etc. it would be difficult for him to get his money back through Paypal for the card, which is out at BGS now anyway. Instead, Brian has offered to send me $150 SV (the amount the Strasburg sold for) in Leaf merchandise which I can either keep or sell to in some way recoup the cost of the stolen Strasburg. I gratefully accepted his offer, and I'll be sure to post a mailday when the stuff comes in next week.

While it doesn't get my card back, at least I feel I was compensated for it, and it won't sting as much to see it turn up in Rookie Retro next year! I wish there was something to be done about Raymond Min, but apparently having thousands of dollars in Paypal claims won against you in a 1 month period doesn't mean eBay will stop you from selling. Unbelievable.

Again, thanks to Brian and Leaf for making a crappy situation better!
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