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Originally Posted by killerturtle View Post
1 Box of JLA and 4 boxes of Marvel Universe

The Hits

Attachment 107797
Sketch of ? by Brent Engstrom.

Marvel Universe Boxes

Attachment 107798
? by ?

Attachment 107799
?? by Joe Rubinstein (I think)

Then My 2 favorite!!

Attachment 107800
?? by Chris Moreno --very nice detail!

Then this sketch by C. Hall?
Seems like a nice sketch.

Attachment 107801

Attachment 107802

Attachment 107803

green Arrow
Iron fist
Storm of the Xmen
Tales of Suspense 1st Iron man
Rest are Iron man Bronze-age, resembles the art design from Issue 46 with a more modern penciling and color on the eye sockets

Nice hits
beautiful art
Ironman is a GREAT sketch to have with the new movie going live next year
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