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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
I believe he is a bit bigger as well, but not by much

Either way, Williams is stronger than Melo, just not as quick, which is why Melo should be and is a SF and why Williams should be a PF.

Melo would make Williams look like a fool if he tried to guard him on the perimeter, but Williams would eat Melo's lunch down low, Melo wouldn't be able to stop him at all.
they're basically the same size. williams might have a couple pounds on him. the thing that makes melo such a great scorer is he is quick and very strong. i mean he's a stout man. if anything melo proved last year that maybe he should be a PF. he put up better numbers playing the PF and everyone in NY is crowing for him to be a PF based on last year. he was so quick that, like you said in comparison to williams, he dominated 4s by taking them outside and then being able to burn them to the rim. he is also a very underrated rebounder, and can rebound with 4s.
that was the whole thing, 4s would beat melo most of the time down low, but they have tyson to clean it up. melo would beat 4s every time so it was a big matchup problem. most of the time melo can't hold 3s or 4s lol so you might as well get him in the offensive situation that suits him best. which last year proved to be at the 4.
im making the comparison because they are both a bit undersized for playing the 4 and i think williams would be able to beat opposing 4s a lot of the time while still holding his own guarding them...
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