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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
You know, I hadn't really thought of it before, but he literally is a combination of Melo and Amare in one player essentially, very good comparison.

As for his defense, he doesn't have any on the perimeter, which is the main reason he isn't an NBA SF, he is serviceable in the post, but that was also when he was a 20 year old in college, I'm sure with a few years of seasoning in the NBA he'd become an average to above average defender in the post.

The Wolves are really hurting both Derrick and themselves by not trading him because he's just going to be stuck on the bench since they don't have a spot for him at PF with Love there. By keeping him and limiting his playing time to whatever he can get at SF they aren't showcasing what he can actually do and hurting his trade value.

I'll also say this as a disclaimer, Williams is in my top 2 of favorite Wildcats, he single handedly brought us back to the type of program we are supposed to be and for that, he will always be one of my favorites.
i know, i had never thought of it either, but is a very solid comparison!

Would be interesting to trade him at this point - because after a mildly underwhelming rookie season would they really get the value from him that he's worth? I think at this point you might as well play him behind love, and look to trade love instead the next few years, or see if you can make it work by giving him minutes at the 3 and 4. but they might be able to get a lot for love...
i thought before he signed his new contract he had a very good chance of being out of town and then we wouldn't be having this convo...but the new contract kind of changed things.

its a tough spot because they know derrick is a good player, but at this point im not sure they'd get the right value in a trade for him.
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