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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Oh of course they couldn't get his real value in a trade right now, but I don't really see that value going up anytime soon while he's stuck behind Love at the 4 and not suited to play the 3 and get stuck behind AK47 and Budinger.

And that's the crux of the issue, like you said, they know how talented he is and what he can/will/should become as a player in the NBA and don't want to let him go for pennies on the dollar.

Get what you can out of him now and look back in 5 years and say how dumb of a trade it was, but wait another year to trade him and that trade will look even worse than it would if they were to make a trade now.
definitely a catch 22...thats why im saying maybe they explore trading love instead? could get some more nice young pieces and picks if they are interested in doing so. but you're right if they're going to trade him eventually, might as well pull the trigger now, because his value will only be going down unless someone gets hurt and he gets to show what he can do (kevin love...).
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