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Originally Posted by alexcampos View Post
@Knicker, thanks for the kind words.

And yes, I'll admit that on occasion I have gotten carried away and I completely regret some of the stuff I've said in the past.

But I'm definitely turning a new leaf.

I'd rather be on peaceful terms with everyone on here regardless for which team you root for than constantly arguing back and forth about nonsense.

Anyways...I can see this thread will continue to get attention for reasons different than what was intended.

But I'm going to continue posting and engaging any and all Heat fans.

This is going to be a fun season not only for us, but the entire NBA, there are plenty of contenders and at least we don't have to wait till Christmas to see some b-ball!
man we all have and we all have said things we probably shouldn't have. but some people just cant accept that they have done that and refuse to have any self awareness. you have to be able to admit that you were wrong and see your faults in order to grow and mature as a person. I try not to start arguments or disrespect people that are deserving of respect (i.e. people that dont immediately treat you without respect). And if you knew me in person you'd know that i am always joking around, which has a way of getting lost in the internet.
that being said i KNOW im not without my faults and will admit like you that I am making a conscious effort not to get involved with petty drama that takes place here and in life in general. i have opinions, and i like to express them, and i try not to belittle other peoples opinions in the process.

i admire your attitude tho man, its NEVER to late to turn a new leaf, and other members could take a lot from what you're saying / doing.

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