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Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post
No no no, you got it all wrong, and you know it! I've tried, and tried, and tried again........... but you and a few others don't know how to let things go. I've let things slide MANY times before and continue to do so, but it seems that you guys can't help yourselves for some reason.

By the way, i'm not saying anything here to start any trouble like you're saying. I'm just expressing my love of the sport and hobby, and just hate it when people come on and say something like, "it's just cardboard" or "it's just a game".... If that's your opinion, great! I'm just giving mine. But since you wanted to make it seem like i'm the trouble maker here, and you're just trying to make peace LOL... I figure to point out what you already know, which is i've tried in the past, and you just couldn't help yourself, and just had to follow my every post with some bs, as usual. But as always, i'm willing to let things go, that is, if you can help yourself do it. Just go back into your posts and you'll see what you already know, i'm sure.

Anyway, carry on, and yeah, Happy Collecting! See... you're learning!
look man, i let the thing go with you calling me a stalker, when you were posting your little graphic in EVERY thread, and for the past months have had nothing bad to say to or about you. yeah i might make remarks about you always talking about shilling, but hey, you do always talk about shilling, and that really is all in jest. i mean no ill will by it.

we obviously don't see eye to eye on a lot of 'issues'. and like i said we have BOTH probably not taken the correct approach to some things. but i am willing to let it all go. i don't remember you ever trying to make peace in the past, i remember you calling me a stalker, then not having any interaction with you for a while, then i thought we were both over it and able to interact like peers. like i said, if you took me talking about you always talking about you commenting on shilling as calling you out - i apologize.

so lets have our opinions and not argue about petty crap. like i was trying to do in the first post you commented on. if i offended you recently i apologize and would like to move on from the pettiness.
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