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Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post
I accept your apology, even though you didn't have to... I apologize also for whatever may have been said, and i'm always willing to move on.

Peace then

To be honest, there's currently only one person on this forum who doesn't know how to move on, NO MATTER WHAT!!! hahaha so i'm glad you were able to admit that you would throw in some jabs every once in a while, and I will admit I did too... but it's never too late to call it....... this is a forum we should all be able to enjoy and just stick to the point, and be respectful of others. I'm all down for that, and i've always been that way to be honest. Sure I may get my panties in a twist when it comes to shilling and such....

i will agree on there being one person although im not sure we're talking about the same person, nor do i care to know lol as im not trying to start anything here.

glad we could come to terms i know i didn't have to apologize, but sometimes its just proper. i gladly accept your apology as well. you are totally correct - it's never to late to call it. we are all (well a lot of us) adults here and we should handle situations accordingly... and we should all be more conscious of being more respectful of others.

its much better to make peace than to argue! arguing about petty crap doesn't get anyone anywhere.

PEACE indeed.
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