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Originally Posted by ChaseSeiberlich View Post
In a few years they COULD be contenders. It's possible with the talent they habe
they could be...thats why i said most likely they won't be lol. i like your confidence tho! they are definitely in a lot better spots than most teams. i've always been a huge fan of rubio ever since i wanted him in that draft where we took jordan hill sorry zonacats8 ( i actually dont dislike jordan hill, thats a discussion for another time lol) ... but you're right they could be contenders, its too early to tell who will be and who won't be contenders in 3-4 years. but as of now they're not quite there yet in my opinion. they are a lot better than they have been tho. i dont see them playing a ton of defense, especially their front court. rubio can defend (although steals and defense arent the same) but they'll have to become a more elite defensive team if they plan on contending in my opinion.
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