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Originally Posted by Knicker_Please View Post
yeah man, i didn't hate jordan hill as most knicks fans did. there were some other people on the board i wanted...but i really wanted rubio who went a couple picks before them obviously or steph who was oooh so close......

i have a tinfoil hat theory (lol, and im not big into conspiracies) that the knicks knew they'd have to part with whoever they drafted if they were going to clear as much cap space as they wanted in order to make a run at the FA's that summer (lebron, amare, bosh etc). they knew that the knicks fans would be furious with that pick (they HAD to know that lol) and it would make him easy to trade as the fans wouldnt be down with him. they knew like you said he wasn't quite ready for the nba. he wouldn't make an immediate impact and therefor not be an immediate fan favorite. where as if they had drafted say, brandon jennings, they would have had a HARD time parting with him and fans would have not appreciated that. i say all of this keeping in mind that the knicks owner is james dolan who doesn't give a $hit about us anyways. but i digress...
the knicks didn't have much assets at that point and their draft pick would be their obvious best one, and would have to be included at some point or another in a deal with one of the many cap killers the knicks had on the books at the time.

so in summation lol, i think they might have taken Jhill knowing full well what they were going to do with him...and that plan didn't involve him being a knick for the long term...

(sorry for the thread diversion)
no tinfoil hat conspiracy there, it's the first thing I thought of when they drafted him, I wasn't happy about him being "used" like that

But while we're off topic, I have a funny Dolan story since you brought him up

A few years back (and as I type this I realize it was like 6 years ago, geeze) I was at Bonnaroo (if you don't know it, it's only the best thing ever) and we were getting some food and drinks in one of the tents. In there was a little band playing some music and we were really digging it so we stayed and listened to them for at least an hour or so. Afterwards they were giving out their CDs for free, so naturally I took one.

About a year or so later I see an interview with the Knicks owner, didn't know who the Knicks owner was until this interview, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew him from somewhere, he looked too damn familiar. Went and did some quick research only to find out he was the lead singer in that band, JD and the Straight shot, thought it was pretty funny at the time, had no idea we were listening to a billionaire NBA owner on a farm surrounded by 100,000 hippies, hahahaha.
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