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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
no tinfoil hat conspiracy there, it's the first thing I thought of when they drafted him, I wasn't happy about him being "used" like that

But while we're off topic, I have a funny Dolan story since you brought him up

A few years back (and as I type this I realize it was like 6 years ago, geeze) I was at Bonnaroo (if you don't know it, it's only the best thing ever) and we were getting some food and drinks in one of the tents. In there was a little band playing some music and we were really digging it so we stayed and listened to them for at least an hour or so. Afterwards they were giving out their CDs for free, so naturally I took one.

About a year or so later I see an interview with the Knicks owner, didn't know who the Knicks owner was until this interview, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew him from somewhere, he looked too damn familiar. Went and did some quick research only to find out he was the lead singer in that band, JD and the Straight shot, thought it was pretty funny at the time, had no idea we were listening to a billionaire NBA owner on a farm surrounded by 100,000 hippies, hahahaha.
haha unfortunately i do know what bonnaroo is lol. i spent most of my childhood in SC (by way of NYC) and had a ton of friends who went to manchester every year to ... hear some good music and get some good vibes . im also a musician...but yeah im very familiar with the festival and the culture lol. although it seems like its becoming less and less hippie and more and more popular music. oh well, as long as the extra curricular activities are there *they always will be* then so will the hippies .

but man thats crazy! i knew jimmy had a crappy band (although i've never heard it so hey, might be great!) but i had no idea they played at roo...
what year was that?? my boy who i split my knicks season tickets with went for a few years, some of the first years of bonnaroo i believe...

great story tho man lol...he should stick to music, can't be as bad of a musician as he is an nba owner...
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