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Default Old School Break 2010 Eclipse Racing 5 Boxes

Got a good deal on them, so with a slow week for product, I figured I'd give it a shot. Nothing outstanding, but a bunch of top name driver pieces:


Spellbound RU:
Joey Logano Tire "A" 283/299
Joey Logano Tire "G" 13/299
Joey Logano Tire "N" 153/299
Jimmie Johnson Tire "N" 40/48
Jimmie Johnson Tire "O" 27/250, 249/250
Mark Martin Firesuit "T" 6/150, 145/150
Dale Jr Car Cover (2 color) "D" 60/88
Dale Jr Car Cover "R" 118/250
Dale Jr Car Cover "T" 166/250
Kyle Busch Car Cover (2 color) 220/299

Burning Rubber RU:
Jimmie Johnson - Charlotte 164/250 (2 color)
Jimmie Johnson - Fontana 71/250, 72/250

I also got a Vault instant win card. It said it expired, but when I tried to redeem it, it worked. It came up as "2007 Unredeemed Double Burner Card #/100". Hopefully I get something good

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