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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
If your LCS lets you do this then I guess it's cool ... but this is the reason I stopped buying loose packs from mine. If I walk into a shop and see an open mini box of Finest with 5 packs left, I don't touch it. Kinda shady that the owner will continue to sell the packs knowing the hit is gone.
i see what you're saying. But there are still color cards in there i guess. i still buy tons of loose packs from him. sometimes i hit, sometimes i dont. i usually try not to open in store as it usually costs me a lot of money since i keep going til i hit lol.

Originally Posted by paintingtheblac View Post
What value do you need on the Reyes?
make an offer my friend. only one on ebay right now and it has 3 days left.
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