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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
Gooduck! I love my 4 day work week, but it is tough when I leave before the kids get up and only home for an hour or 2 before they go to bed. Not to mention cub scouts 2 nights a week. It seems like forever before the weekend rolls around again and get to spend actual time with them.
Yeah, I am anticipating it to be a tough transition. Right now, I stay home with them. I love my days with them. I am only working the weekends right now and my husband is pretty exhuasted because he feels like he doesn't get a break. I wish we could afford for me to continue staying home but our school taxes keep going up along with everything else.

I hope you are having a great weekend with them!

Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
Dunno why it makes me think of Money laundering
Haha, I wish. That sounds exciting.
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