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Originally Posted by Afton9444 View Post
Does everyone think Dbacks are best team in this product? can someone post a checklist? Not sure who I am going to pick yet?
In my opinion its a toss up between 4 teams. I am top 4 in 4 different cases and to be honest I have no clue who I plan on taking, just gonna see how the first 2 picks shape up. Dbacks/Cubs/Rangers/Reds IMO are the top tier teams with det/nyy not far behind. It just depends on if you want quality or quantity I suppose. Soler and Hamilton will probably be the 2 highest priced cards to initially come out of the set, with a few other players not far behind... but the other teams have some quantity, (but so do the cubs).

I think for once there's no clear cut favorite in both team or individual this year

I wish houdini's drafts would get moving so we can see what they think...
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