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Default where has customer service gone?

so lately I have either had some really bad luck or some employee's are just getting more and more lazy. I have called and emailed several gun stores about handguns and I stay professional in them and have questions and the gun I am looking at is roughly $550.00 yet I get no response from over half of them, I would think that these places would give a call back or a reply to an email.

Then today at the store I went to wholesale sports to check out the price on the gun im looking at (I figured it may be a few bucks cheaper at a bigger store like that) and after ten minutes of waiting this kid walks up behind me and happens to be friends with the employee so when the employee finally walks over he helps his friend who had just walked in, (he saw me at the counter the whole time) so I leave irritated then the manager asked me if I find everything all right and I told him that the employee just cost the company about $550.00 (plus tax) because of his little stunt. They offered me $5.00 off a box of ammo if I bought the gun today which I told them im going else where and the kid should be fired on the spot.

Finally my dad plans on extending his deck at his house and the roof too which he got a few quotes and he called one guy after he got the quote and asked when he could start the work yet he never replied to anything so he turned down an expensive job (I didn't ask my dad how much but well over 8k) what is up now with customer service? People have bad attitudes and do not want to work it seems like. Luckily I found a couple of gun shops that the employee's wanted to answer all my questions and needless to say are actually cheaper some of the other places.
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