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Originally Posted by oldgoldy97 View Post
I think the way to do it, if you can last long enough, is to wait until your kids are in school full-time and then get a full-time job while they are gone. That's how we are kinda doing it (still have to get the wife to finish off the plan on her end).
Originally Posted by oldgoldy97 View Post
I hate that. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago when I thought about changing careers. I swear sometimes HR people are the bane of the world's existence. I real glad I didn't get the job now, however.
Yeah, that is what we were trying to do but our costs keep going up. My oldest is in pre-school right now 2 days a week.

Yeah, I wish they would realize that sometimes it isn't about the money. Benifits play into it along with travel time, etc.
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