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Originally Posted by Cubfan86 View Post
I am so sick and tired of all the cheap a$$ people on these boards. If I look on Ebay and a card is selling for $25 not including shipping and I ask $20 delivered on these boards.... I am not going to sell it for $14, or throw in some other cards to make the deal sweet for you.
I sell below Ebay prices.
I am very fair with my prices.

Sorry for the rant but it is getting old. I busted to cases of Leaf Draft Baseball and am kust shocked at how much time I have spent to NOT sell cards. It is a constant flow of people asking "how much for these" I shoot them a very fair price and then they A. DO NOT RESPOND B. Tell me it is more than they wanted to spend (I guess they wanted them for free. or C. Come back with a lowball offer.

Sounds like your bang on (fair) with pricing. So screw em!
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