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Originally Posted by cking View Post
I feel bad for the kid who lost his Strausberg. That was a nice card. I dont even collect baseball but that was a sharp card. That would eat at me if someone did that too me. I would not be satisfied until I got my card back or some other type of revenge. I know two wrongs dont make a right but being a reasonable person after someone did something like this too me is probably not something I am capable of. Then to actually see the card listed and sold on Ebay would have put me over the edge. I would be on a mission at that point to wreck havoc on that pos and I would not quit until I was satisfied.
Haha, don't think I haven't fantasized But it's just not worth the end he's some punk ass kid who's so pathetic he has to steal a few hundred dollars at a time from people on the internet. Generally people with his character don't go very far in this life.
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