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Default Walking Dead #19

265.00 dlvd
Comes with DC,Insurance but Sig confirmation IS required
I also have a 27 FS that,like the 19, has not been read
I also have a 1-6 that are signed
I was going to move these on CGC....but that got too confusing FAST.
I started with the auto'ed 1-6 and the questions got weird....Gloves and finger prints ? terry cloth...hello....:P
No,nice guys over there, they just think everyone is over-grading books or out to get ya....need 10k posts there to be seen as honest it appears


Beautilful book, grade it, make money, have fun.
No, I do not have a cgc submission account. Considered it several times tonight and I gotta admit, I despise grading...I know, I am a tool
Book has gone insane this week with 9.8's going from 500/book to 850/book
Book looks like a 9.6 to a 9.8 to me,but after a discussion today with Rob, we do not have the time to wait on grading on all of the books. He also said a guy with glasses should not be allowed to guess a grade on a book that uses numbers and stick with letters :P

White mark by staple
Minor,but I was told that a 9.8 is possible but 9.6 is more probable....+1 for Rob's glasses remark I suppose
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