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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
what kind of gun are you shopping for bud?
originally I was looking at the springfield xd 9mm or any glock (the sheriff's department is finishing up my background check) and after talking to numerous gun stores (the ones that help me anyways) I have decided to go with a glock I am not sure if I want the 22 or 23 both are .40 cal while the 23 has a little bit better features than the 22, the 22 just feels better in my hands and I feel more comfortable with it. (im pretty sure thats the one im getting) it also has to be a generation 3 as I do not like the grips at all on the generation 4.

Also I had another ordeal with tmobile (which is why I asked what cell phone plans people use a few weeks back) they are trying to charge me an extra $60.00 for internet on my phone which I do not even have a phone that can connect to the internet, then they claim it is a third party that is doing it. The guy told me he would rather me pay the extra money and lose me as a 9 year customer than to just waive the fee (and this was a very high rank manager calling the corprate offices)

edit- I may go with the glock for on duty and also purchase the springfield xd for off duty, I have never shot a springfield before but I did like the size of it and the feel of it for concealed carry, I also have heard that the ruger triggerless 38 special is great for concealed carry off duty and a lot of officers purchase that as a gun for off duty carry, my stepdad just purchased one and I need to take it out and try it. I have called numerous gun ranges to see if they carry them and rent them (the springfield xd) so I can try it not one single one called me back or emailed me back. (which is another reason I made the thread)

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