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Of all of these books I have, I have found 3 issues.

The 2nd copy of #2, auto'ed by Moore, has a compression mark on the back. Will sell it as is or I will press it Tuesday. It's minor, graded as is would lower it to a 9.0-9.2. After pressing 9.4 or better
I have a #5 with a literal snag on the back cover. It is minor, but to me it makes the book a 8.5. It;s not key so it won;t get the gravy push to a 9.0 IMO
75.00 dlvd
The # that is NM+ that is signed, 125.00 dlvd

The number 3 has a compression on the back that makes it an 8.5 as well and I am going to try and press it out as well but it has several folds and is by the spine and may cause more issues,so I dunno. It's 80 dlvd

If you need pics of books, let me know.
I have 1-10 here and 16-29
Rest are at the store and will bring them home Tuesday if you need images of those
Odds are I will unload them initially 1 issue at a time,so lmk if you want specifics
if they do not move quickly I will be moving 30-91 in 1 lot
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