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It's an easy 9.4 as it sits, signed.
That is the rub though.
CGC does not authenticate signatures so I cannot imply anything higher.
The only way to get a possible 9.6 or 9.8 and believe me, it is a beautiful book, is to go to a con where TOny is signing and CGC has a rep there as well.
Then you have a SS possible 9.6/9.8 and bucks
Guy on CGC said to ignore it. He said sell it, people will eat it up who do cons. Someone,he said, will grab it knowing they will catch him at a later point and get it SS'ed.
I do feel like an ass for not getting aggressive to help him move this stuff when he handed it off to me 2 weeks back,BEFORE the NYCCC since Tony and CGC were both there.
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