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In the middle of '08 I had canceled a sirius radio that my mom didnt listen to. That left me with 2 subs and my gf with 1. I had one at home and one at work and my gf had one in her car.

In december my work radio started acting up so I thought Id check with them to see what deals they had for the holidays etc.

I found out that they never truly canceled the one radio. I take partial responsibility in that I didnt pay attn to my cc bill to see it was still being charged for etc.

They admitted that I called to cancel it but they claimed I didnt "confirm" which was crap. I told them flat out if they didnt give a credit on those months charged, I was willing to cancel my 3 subs and never come back. I even told them I was guranteed to have those radios for as long as Howard was at sirius and if over 5 years of sub payments wasnt worth canceling out and crediting the 60.00 then thats on them. They called my bluff. Canceled and confirmed all radios canceled and never went back.

A blessing in disguise because after '09 Howard has gone to sh*t.
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