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Default Buy Sell Trade Toys,Comics,Records and so on

Me and a few friends have 2 shops we sell out of. We have 4300 SQFT on 1 side and 6900 SQFT on the other and are opening a 37k SQFT store (Think antique mall)
We buy/sell/trade
I use Blowout to trade cards,comics and so forth but I thought I would put it out here for the other stuff

We look for the odd,unusual and hard to find
Metal cars/toys (no hot wheels or small die cast cars)
Older Coke related products (Crates are a fast mover for us)
Older Cola products (Dr Pepper,Crush,Pepsi,etc)
Vintage/Colored Glass(Jars,bottles,etc pre 1960)
1975-1990 Toys revolving around super heroes,GI Joe,etc as well as Vehicles.(He-Man,Gobots,transformers)
1968 and lower bakelite toys,celluloid toys,metal toys and odd balls
Zippos from 1982 and down
Storm kings with localized advertising (EX:Rays Concrete Kalamazzo,MI)
Kalamazoo lighters 1921-1936
Lunch Boxes pre 1980
Lunch boxes 1981-1995 with thermos only thermos, no interest
Random,odd-ball folk art
Confederate items (Buttons,sabers,Shackles,etc)
SOME Taxidery pieces...we have REAL strict laws here in GA
Vinyl 45 and 78
Signs, metal and other (Coke,Miller Light,ford,snapper,Cigarettes,etc,etc..Signs that are metal and older that look cool on the wall :P )

I mean, if it's man-cave, we sell it, we buy it and we trade for it

Anyway, keep me in mind if you are looking for any man-cave stuff and if you are looking to sell some stuff.

If you are interested in setting up at a vintage (mall) and live within Driving Distance of Ft.Oglethorpe,GA ( 12 miles south of Chattanooga,TX) and would like to try the experience as a dealer, let me know as well
In order to get the giant building off the ground and stable before the Holiday rush, we are offering 95.00/mo booths with a 12 month lease or 165.00 mo to mo

Here are some pics of the smaller shop

Post what ya have or what ya need

I am a fan of trading

if you have something you think may be cool,drop a post and a pic and let me know what you are looking for or what you need
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