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but if you can make the trip, south bay sports cards off the 101 in lomita is where it's at. i get down there on occasion since i have friends there, but don't get to go often. the owner is a friend of a friend, so when i made my first visit a couple months ago, i introduced myself and we chatted for a bit, and they're really nice guys. HUGE storefront, tons of everything you're looking for, modern & vintage. my first time there was so overwhelming, i only picked up a couple of singles, but they still cut me a break on their list prices, without even telling me. had to check the receipt after i left the store to see the 10% discount. they put box breaks and other stuff on youtube, and seem to be really customer friendly. not shilling for them, just had a really good experience there. it's far from the SGV, but if you're in the south bay, i'd check it out.
Just a correction. It is the 110 freeway, not the 101. (Exit PCH West I believe) Don't want anyone to get lost.
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