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Originally Posted by FISHLEGBOOTS View Post
My kinda store. Nice.
Oh it is a man or Boys dream
We get people who just come in and touch everything
It's all fun for us.
The issue is we PRICE it by how we buy it and we don't use guides. If there is a discrepancy we let the customer pull up ebay,get a consensus of a price,then we offer 70% if it is something that we know will sell or feel that sells. Most other stores I know use ebay for lowballing and a price guide for selling,so we get a LOT of repeat business

Again, it is all about fun. You can't get rich being fair where vintage is concerned and we understand that so we just use this as our Cave away from Cave
I will tell you, the oddball crap that comes through here is amazing. I purchased a crate of Lorillards snuff that has a tax stamp from 1919. 24 bottles,full and I LOVE that kind of stuff. Dont have any pics on the comp,but here is what it looks like

EDIT:Wrong Image
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