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Default Super Robot fun time !

So, like many of you, I was browsing craiglist a while ago.
I stumbled property being sold
A guy comes into the store Friday and haggles over a He-Man collection I had on display.
Well, like it happens to us all, we get into it and finally reach a price and "I will let you know later,that's a good price I just have to make sure I do not have these already"
You want to smack people like that because if he is a collector, he knows what he needs and so on.
So, I am on craigslist looking for toys and a guy is selling He-Man figures and vehicles....I click on the image ...and,well, you know where this is going

So, i see my lot, on my shelves, in his photo on CL and his "Email me an offer".

The Dark Side is rearing it's ugly head inside of me ATM

More than likely I will jerk him around in emails,when he comes in and I refuse to sell them, let him raise the price up to 120 then tell him I do not appreciate him offering my items on CL without knowing if I have them or speaking to me 1st.
I do think this type of behavior should be addressed as i personally have been jerked on cards that I purchased on ebay that were not even the sellers to begin with

But it did make me laugh after I kept thinking "What am I looking at here" while looking at his listing
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