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Originally Posted by mrwalken View Post
My sales have been dropping pretty steadily over the last 4 or 5 months. I think it's due to the increasing shipping costs for buyers. Also, we haven't had a shipping special in almost a year. I rarely see people buying whole bunches of cards like they used to. I'm worried this trend is going to be permanent.
Mine were great over the summer, but I have seen the decline in September and October.

I would attribute this to probably a number of reasons including

- The end of baseball season (my port is 80% baseball)
- The flooding of the market in September with the 5th anniversary (most of my stuff at lowest price when added, was no longer at lowest price. This, combined with a 60-72 hour work week and no time to update my prices probably was a reason for a slow down)

But it seems that about half of my sales have been Amazon over the past 2 weeks, which would make me think that there has been even less traffic on the site. I'm hoping the transition in sites doesn't ruin a good thing.
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