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I like to watch it on my computer so I have to wait a little bit longer...

I'm going to talk a little about season 2 so if you haven't seen it DO NOT READ MY POST!

Honestly, I felt season 2 was a little bit of a let down after the amazing first season.

It was a bit boring at times, however I will admit there was a lot of character development which is always crucial in a character driven show.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest characters in the show is now gone.

I really think I'm going to miss Shane a lot, and in season 2 he was easily my favorite character.

I don't keep up with the comics so I have no idea what's going to happen this season...but I expect a lot more action than the last (Hopefully!)

Overall, The Walking Dead is a fun show, although I think it's a bit overrated!

Now, before anyone comes down on me for saying that, I want to explain why I think it's overrated.

A mysterious virus has infected the earth and the Dead have come back to life and are now feeding on the living.....our protagonist must survive the zombie apocalypse and one by one his group starts dying off.

That's pretty much the plot to every zombie far the Walking Dead has not done anything new, I'm hoping they do, because I love the characters and I love the post-Apocalyptic genre, but I'm patiently waiting for something I haven't seen in every other zombie genre medium.

Either way, yes, I'm very excited for Season 3
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