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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
Yankees shouldn't be surprised. They have priced people out of games.
it is very bad the price of games. how much is parking elsewhere? The lot we park in across the street is 50? I believe. I forget my brother paid last time

Originally Posted by BostonNut View Post
That was my point...with New York's ridiculous prices plus the MLB mark up...who the hell can afford to go to a game there???
This year I did the fan club Yankee Universe. For $300 I got two field level MVP seats and all this other stuff (sweatshirt and some junk) but the seats are normally 325$ a piece to be that low behind the plate so I basically got a deal on that. My brother did it as well and they actually messed up his order so he got 4 seats for the same price!

120$ for that Tigers ticket..

wow, my seats I talked about were Row 13 behind batting circle so 325-120...205$ difference... nuts
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