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Originally Posted by stera8 View Post
My brother did it as well and they actually messed up his order so he got 4 seats for the same price!

Back in old Yankee Stadium they had a deal where it was 4 Upper Deck Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, 4 Drinks, 4 Small bags of chips, and a Yankee Yearbook for $60. We only needed 3 seats, but the deal was too good to pass up.

Well, they sent us our 4 Tickets, and coupons for 16 Hot Dogs, 16 Drinks, 16 Small bags of chips, and 4 Yankee Yearbooks. About $300 worth of stuff.

And that game it was 100 degrees+ out. Lets just say, 16 free drinks come in handy when it's that hot. We ended up giving some of the hot dogs to the people around us, because it's not easy to eat that many hot dogs when it's that hot out.
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