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quoted from new thread: guys, i am afraid i can no longer host breaks. It is all explained in the thread linked below.

basically, i am drawing a negative for every group break i have ever hosted since 2011. New Jersey enacted a USE TAX which went into effect in 2011, and it means any and all purchases over $1000 (that originate online or out of state, and untaxed) must be reported to the state and any state taxes that would/should have been paid will become due to the State.

Last year i was in the hole $750, which i just paid up, and it BLOWS.

This year, just on group breaks and not including my eBay purchases, i am up to $650. if i factored into that all of my ebay purchases i am up over $850.

I simply cannot handle this, nor will i force Blowout members and members of the group to take on the additional 7% i would need to break even. On top of that, i will be taxed for my money incoming this year through paypal.

it's a lose-lose for me and my hole is already dug for next year. come april, i have to jump in, and i would rather not dig it any deeper.

anyways, enough with the Sob story, if a member would like to take over as host, please let me know. Thanks in advance for understanding everyone.

Anyone in NJ getting screwed on USE TAX???
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