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This is an awesome thread. I have read it entirely and it has been very valuable to me.

One thing I would like to know is, has anyone been able to find a way to easily scan a bunch of cards (flat bed scanner) and separate them into individual scans using a progam? I have seen people online saying it is possible but I have not yet found a method that works. I am stuck cropping each card which is very time consuming.

A great option would be to use an ADF scanner, the scanners mentioned here have been pretty expensive. Anyone have any experience with one that costs less than $500 and is effective?

I do have a Dymo Labelwriter 450 turbo. It was great for printing return labels before I used eBay and PayPal shipping. I havent purchased the correct label size to try the full package shipping yet.

I also have an Epson xp-400 all in one which has been great on my wifi setup. i am able to view orders and wirelessly print packing slips and regular paper labels directly from my Ipad or my iphone which is very nice. The scan quality is also great which I can wirelessly scan to my laptop throughout my home.

Hope I can find a bit of help and also provide some help. Feel free to PM me with suggestions or quesrions.


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