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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
This is probably the only way I'm okay with Ryback in the Main Event. Otherwise it makes no sense.
I dont think it needs to make sense......its just that it puts the WWE in a tough spot........its the problem with these "undefeated streaks", when does Ryback lose? at the PPV? then that pretty much destroys his momentum.....unless..............

Wasnt Ryback a Smackdown guy? Maybe Ryback finally loses to Punk, giving Punk even MORE heat, and then Ryback challenges The Big Show for the WHC

Give Ryback a run with the WHC, with a heel Orton, Ziggler feuding with him

Then you have Cena FINALLY go over on Punk at Survivor Series, and then you maybe have Punk win back the title at TLC..............setting up ROck/Punk at Royal Rumble?
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