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Originally Posted by JosieDively View Post
I have never been to a strip club with my husband and he is no longer allowed to go after he went with his dad when I was Pregnant. I wouldn't have cared because he has gone before and I have been ok with it but there were several things that pissed me off about the situation:

1. I was 7 months pregnant and at that real bitchy stage of the pregnancy.
2. He didn't ask first
3. He went with his dad and for some reason I found that disrespectful towards me
4. He paid for a lap dance

Edit to add: my friends and I have discussed this. It is pretty split actually. Some love to go with their boyfriends/husbands.
Based on some of your posts, I would have figured he was allowed to go...but only with you. So, do you leave him at home with the kids when you go?
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