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Default one time rent fee for holiday ads?

[QUOTE=tedsports;347474]I do have to admit that I am rethinking the storage fee thing. At first, I felt that my sales would easily take care of it, which they have. I have not kept track exactly, but I would say the last few months I have averaged about $400-$500 per month in sales. Just this past week, I think my storage fee was about $75. When I first started sending things in, I was not opposed to the storage fee. Now that I am paying it, of course, I do not like it......but to me in the short term it is worth it.

would it be worth it to collect a rent for advertising comc? maybe draw more by spending more before the holidays? a one time rent to increase enrollment and sales? or 5 bucks a month over 100 in sales or something, this is the time to attract people to the site don't you think? some kind of membership drive working with preprinted and prepaid postage boxes for 1st time sellers to show how easy it is?
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