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Originally Posted by CubsFanInTX View Post
forgive the newbie question, but I haven't done a lot of breaks. This isn't a draft so the order the hits come out of the case. So hit 1 goes to whoever gets slot 1 correct?
Correct, each case list will get randomed. Then off that random, you will get the card in that slot like this:

1st slot - Box 1: 1st Card
2nd slot - Box 1: 2nd Card
3rd slot - Box 1: 3rd Card
4th slot - Box 1: 4th Card
5th slot - Box 1: 5th Card

6th slot - Box 2: 1st Card
7th slot - Box 2: 2nd Card
8th slot - Box 2: 3rd Card
9th slot - Box 2: 4th Card
10th slot - Box 2: 5th Card

11th slot - Box 3: 1st Card
12th slot - Box 3: 2nd Card
13th slot - Box 3: 3rd Card
14th slot - Box 3: 4th Card
15th slot - Box 3: 5th Card
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