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Default Ideas for Upper Deck (outside of Exquisite)

Long story short, I won a give away from Upper Deck. While emailing one of the employees back and forth, I asked him for the product manager's contact info. I want to send him a detailed message of some ideas they could do in their products. Obviously they have their hands tied in alot, but the last two releases shows they are putting some life back into the hobby one way or another.

I dont want this to become a Anti-Panini or Anti-UD thread. I really hope this doesnt turn to a useless thread, but a proactive one I can forward on and hopefully create some change for the better.

Here are some things that I think they can do-

-Insert Buy-Backs into all future releases.

This is what actually what interested me about Retro. It wasnt the PMGs, but rather getting original inserts autographed. They could really do some great things with this.

-Continue Retro
But make sure they change up what sets they use. Would love to see various years of PMGs, Rubies, and other sought after inserts. Also change up the stock photos they use

-Insert Cut Autos and Change up the Signers
I loved how they included a Pete Maravich and Reggie Lewis Cut in Exquisite, but why not put an image on? As much as I would love to own them, they do little for me without an image. Also, cant MJ get Barkley to sign? There are plenty of people UD could get to change things up.

-Chronology Timeless Memories
This might be my favorite idea. Create a NCAA version of the Canvas set. Think of the possibilities. Most would be inexpensive signers they already get. (Feel free to add any memories you can think of)
-Any of MJs UNC Moments like his shot over Georgetown, etc
-Lebron-winning state championships, being on the cover of SI, etc
-Laettner-"The Shot"
-Gerry McNamera's Big East Tourny
-All the moments from West, Russell, Bird, Magic
-Chalmers over Memphis
-Tyus Edny
-Bobby Knight throwing a chair
-Coach Ks win record
<------Looking for a signed/buyback autograph version of my avatar. Please let me know if you have any leads.
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