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All very good suggestions.

Buybacks are awesome, however, due to the 'recent rise' in 90's/early 2000's inserts, it will be very difficult for them to acquire large amounts of high demand cards to use as buy back products. I would have loved for them to bought back non-auto'd Exquisite patch cards (like the jordan triple patch non autos) from previous and insert them autographed into this years Exquisite, but that would mean them having to dish out over 1k per card. And we all know UD LOVES to save money nowadays, despite their products being uber expensive and not having to dish out on a pro license... *rolls eyes*

All-in-all, CANNOT wait for Exquisite golf. Seems like a happy medium for ud since they don't have to worry about college/pro uniforms and can offer patch autos of all the best stars. Should be a huge hit, and probably one of the biggest in UD history.
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