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I agree, some very good suggestions!!

I find myself always wondering why UD cannot produce a low end product. When I was a kid, I loved buying a pack of Topps Opening day, and getting a variety of base and inserts and the gum inside. It may seem childish, but that is what would bring kids back into the hobby. I might even buy a box just for the gum! Also a product that does not flood the market with MJ and LBJ autos, and has some variety to it at around $100 a box would be nice for the mid range collectors.

One thing that I have wondered about, is that they do not have an NBA license, but can they have Olympic Pictures? The jerseys did not have any logos. Just wondering what category this would fall under.

Lastly, the packaging has been subpar. I have seen some exquisite boxes opened and the annoying sound the box makes just makes the product seem worse, and they most likely will be thrown out. Is it that hard to spend an extra $5-10 per box and get a nice wooden box. You are buying a $600+ box, so why not present it in such a way.
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