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Some ides:

Sweet low end insert sets - like 09/10 UD with the Masterpieces and 3D stars!

Hot boxes! again, like 09/10 UD, although I never got one out of the 10 boxes I busted! haha

Retro, AGAIN - While I was a bit underwhelmed with the finish of the inserts/images, doing it again would hopefully mean they get better at it! But I would like to see it done with different 90's inserts. I missed the real peak of those products, so being able to get them with my PC player is sweet!

Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
Would really like to hear some ideas of what "memories" to use
Memorial Day Miracle - Sean Elliott
Gervin's 63 points to take the scoring title in the last game of the season
MJ's Flu Game!
Reggie’s 8 points in 8.9 seconds
Magic’s All Star Game return

Not sure if any of these have been used yet?
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