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Originally Posted by jeff152380 View Post
Tell them to do whatever it takes to get their damn NBA license back...... its just wishful thinking...

Maybe put a redemption in packs for UDA items... I think they can still do this because the items were issued before they lost the license... like jersey balls sp photos... etc

Seeing how I am going to be owning a card shop soon, I want UD to make more sets that have value for the customers... not just super high end exquisite and retro... but nice new sets with new designs and no sticker autos
If the company can still do this, that would be awesome!
If my memory serves, they did something similar to that for their early-year SP Authentic releases (when the company still has the NBA license) with an insert set called "Authentics", putting redemption cards into packs for both signed and unsigned memorabilia.
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