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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Interesting responce on the blog...someone asked who had purchased the most cards

Great question. Here are the top 10 buyers.
Purchases UserName
10198 Tigers1984WS
7579 immediex
6414 johnhungerford
5819 cardshark
5308 mike6213
5097 bigkoi2008
4824 pedro45kobe8
4760 buymore
4672 ohiomike
4426 ThePristineCollection

Interesting though..COMC sales have slowed but they are still growing.

Tim if you do read this please contact me. Right now I've had 2 emails go unanswered and I would like answers on both ( went directly to Steve, the other was to Steve and staff)
I don't see "h4auto" on this list. Does he go by another username on COMC? Was he the one that asked this question? LOL Surely he's on this list. The way he talks, I guess I'm shocked to not see his name at the top of the list.

As of August 26th, he had only purchased 1654 cards. It looks like he's a long ways from the top 10.
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