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Originally Posted by cjsayde View Post
Joel McHale trying to become something other than the host of The Soup?

Don't quit your day job, bud.
Originally Posted by gman71 View Post
It was a deal between him & Sutter after Sutter & Segal came on The Soup
At least it should come with a rather nice killing, you don't get off scamming the Pres' mother and get away with it.

Originally Posted by CollectorMan View Post
Seemed like a episode full of wrap up story lines while creating twenty new ones. Blah...
I gotta admit..I'm losing interest fast.

It wrapped up one storyline, the prison guard, as Carla wasn't really a storyline, just getting rid of a character that's not needed anymore in a way that doesn't bring any backlash

Then there weren't any new story lines introduced (Gemma/McKale does't count nothing has happened yet), it just expanded upon everything that's already been built.

- Pope utilizing the MC in the best way for his bottom line
- The MC diving deeper into the drug world thinking it will only lead them on out the other end
- The home invasions being run by Clay and the nomads (we already knew this)
- Tara getting in touch with Otto, we knew the club had to do something with/about Otto turning on them

The closest thing to a new storyline would have to be Roosevelt maybe realizing at the end of the episode that this isn't because of the club (although it really is) and that working with Jax may be in his best interest.

As for my review of the episode

Crazy episode, you knew it was going to be before it even started with everything they showed in the "previously on SOA...."

Anyone else get the feeling that Pope took pictures of Jax n crew entering/leaving the guard's house to hold over him later?

I don't see the end game for Tara, not really sure what she was going to be able to do for Otto on the inside anyways, besides giving him some sort of drugs to kill him so he doesn't have to wait (I've gotta assume that's where it's going)

Absolutely loved Jax killing him with the snow globe with the music playing, great scene.

But the scene of the episode, if not the season or the entire series was Jax at the very end in his hallway, I know it was just a small scene, but he played it perfectly, you could really see the pain, exhaustion, shock, sadness, anger, fear, confusion, the whole gauntlet all at once in that one quick scene, I loved it.

And finally, thought it was hilarious with the meetings of the club heads when they all voted yes and then the bitch niners president was just like, do I have a choice?

Just funny because he knows he's sitting at the table with some big dogs and he doesn't belong in that seat as it is

As for the "preview" of next week, and I put that in quotes because of a very clever line after the last scene, it was, "stay tuned for scenes from upcoming episodes" instead of the usual, "stay tuned for scenes from next week's episode". So I'd imagine that was on purpose and not all of that, in particular the killing off of Unser, will happen next week.

Either way, outstanding episode, great follow up to the off kilter one from last week.
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