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Ended up with:

10 Catwoman #13
4 red hood
1 Wd 103 reg
1 Wd 103 variant
And 10 issues of Wd 100 variants, for some reason the shop owner had some sitting around and just now put them out for $2 each

The first shop I went to had 30 Catwoman, he saw me pulling them and said how many are you taking? I thought he was going to say take just 1 but he said take them all. I felt bad when I saw the people standing behind me so I just took a handful and kept moving.

Have another shop that I might stop at tonight or tomorrow. They are more into cards and not too many comic collectors come in but they still get most issues. Last time I went on Friday and they still had batman/batgirl 13. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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