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as far as shipping costs go you should also know that about 2 years ago the u.s. post office doubled their rates on a lot of sports card type packaging. they did that in 1 or 2 price increases and some post offices charged it and some let it slide but now most have caught up with it and its still cheaper then ups which every year is voted one of the worst 10 companies in america. i have been at this address 20 years and the post office has never lost a single package and nothing damaged. my idea is for an exchange card reader over the internet, you put your card in the machine and it sends a signal to the buyer that produces a new card of your card and the machine destoys your card and transfers the hologram. now there are no shipping charges, just a phone bill, and you have a card that is mint. card gets finished and a signal is sent to the bank to release funds.
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