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Default NOSTALGIA: What are your favorite "forgotten" late 1990s #ed parallels?

We all know about Essential Credentials, Precious Metal Gems, Classic 61, Thunder Rave, Apex Xtra, Z-Force Rave, Ultra Platinum, etc.

But what are your favorite "under-the-radar" parallel sets from 1997-98, 1998-99, and 1999-00? (I chose these three years since I consider them the glory years for numbered cards.)

1998-99 UD Ionix "Reciprocals" veterans were #ed/750 and rookies #ed/100. UD Ionix wasn't one of those sets with a million different parallels. The Reciprocals were the only base set parallels. That's why I'm surprised these go for so little. To me, they're a poor man's version of 1997-98 Z-Force Raves, which also had a high print run (399) compared to most numbered sets of the time.

There were 7 different MJ's out of the 60 veterans in the set, hence the low price for my specimen ($20). Snagged the Kobe for just $23 as well. Can't wait to see these beauties in person -- and no, they're not for sale!

I'm also a big fan of 1998-99 UD Choice "Prime Choice Reserve" parallels. These were #ed/100. This was a largely forgotten set -- it was released during the NBA lockout (so no rookies) and the packs sold for a dollar or two. It was considered "junk wax".

Tell us about some of your favorite parallels! Inserts too!
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