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Originally Posted by champs View Post
we had 10 MJ autos pulled from 6 cases! TEN! including one triple with MJ, Lebron and Magic/15, one triple with MJ, Lebron and Dr J and one QUAD with MJ, Lebron, Bird and Dr J/3 plus one Championship Bling and 5 Dimensions

Exquisite is great for people who can afford it, very happy to have customers that dont HAVE to sell their cards immediately or guys who like to bust and sell knowing it's just a fun hobby

So tired of everyone being negative and crying about it. My guys know that I will get them as much as I can and that when it goes up and gets silly high like it is now, I will move on to the next product.
So how many cases are you still sitting on? This seems like a transparent attempt to justify current prices. It's a decent product(much better than panini though that's not saying much at all) at 1500-1800, it's a disaster at the prices it has been at almost since presale.
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