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Username - zpk35
pc team - Buffalo Bills (Yes, hard to admit)
itrader rating & percentage - 55 & 100%
BO member since - 2007 (one of the original soldiers although I don't post much).
Have you ever sold a card out of your pc? (yes or no) - Yes, I just sold a Dan Marino auto b/c I hate having Miami Dolphins in my PC.
Have you ever given a card away? (yes or no) - Yes, if I know you collect something or are putting a set together and I like you - I'll give it away for free. Gave a guy at a card show this past weekend 35 ginter minis for free b/c he's an honest guy and I know he's doing the set.
Have you ever joined a group break? (yes or no) - Yes
How long have you collected for? - first pack of cards wa in 1986 when I was 6, so 26 years.
Is there anything else you'd like to add to assist us in making our decision? -
"I had to have the metal plate in my head replaced with a plastic one b/c everytime my wife revved up the microwave, I'd pee my pants and forget who I was for about a half-hour or so." - Eddie from Christmas Vacation. On a serious note, who else would admit they are a Bills fan! That's gotta be worth something, lol.
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